Online Branch Case Management

System Benefits

Easy To Use

Simple online portal to manage cases. The intuitive interface makes the creation and management of cases easy.

Works Across Devices

CaseWeb works on all devices whether that be mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer.

Linked To Live Database

Members can be verified via a direct link the the RMS/WARMS system. This helps keep member data accurate.

Affordable For Branches

CaseWeb costs £60 + VAT per month per branch. The system is unlimited so this includes as many cases and users as you need at no additional cost!

Manage Case Tasks

Cases can have multiple tasks assigned. Each task is given an action date and can be accompanied by a document.

Full Case Audit Trails

Every action on a case is recorded to a history audit. The audit includes emails, attachments, status changes, task actions and steward assignments to name a few.

Part of a Unison Branch?

Want your own system?

If you are interested in the CaseWeb case management system please register your interest via the form at the bottom of this website. A representative will be in contact to discuss your branch requirements and how CaseWeb can help manage your cases.

Affordable for branches

Get your own branch system

At only £60 + VAT a month for unlimited users and cases, CaseWeb is great value for money. For more information on pricing and how the system could help you and your Unison branch, please get in touch. Either call us on 020 312 64282 or complete the form at the bottom of this website. See our demo video here.

Register your interest

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  • CaseWeb costs £60 + VAT per branch per month, for an unlimited number of users depending on their role. Minimum commitment is six months, after which you may end the contract with one month’s notice.

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